Update: Revolutionizing the Plastic Surgery Journey

Update: Revolutionizing the Plastic Surgery Journey

Update: Revolutionizing the Plastic Surgery Journey
July 31
17:50 2016

Revolutionizing the Plastic Surgery Journey in the Bay Area From Plastic Surgery Coaching to Concierge Post-Op After Care Services. The Nip Tuck Coach Teams Up With Beverly Hills “After, After Care”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 21, 2016 – Michele Garber a plastic surgery coach and Founder of The NipTuck Coach ( has teamed with Valerie Mehlman, Founder of After, After Care ( in Beverly Hills to offer her Bay Area clients a unique all inclusive service for patients undergoing a plastic surgery journey which includes 24/7 post-op private plastic surgery concierge recovery services in the comfort of their home or hotel.

There has been a surge in plastic surgery procedures with no slow down in sight and the Bay Area has limited after care resources for plastic surgery patients. For a successful recovery patients need rest, nutrition, nurturing and emotional support. Sometimes family members or friends are not the best caregivers after plastic surgery and many patients prefer their procedures to remain a secret from family and friends.

“This is a natural extension of my plastic surgery coaching services. Many patients need additional post- surgical support and care after their procedures. The Bay Area does not have any recovery facilities and many patients do not have anyone to take care of them right after surgery, especially patients from out of town. In my experience family members or friends are not always the best people to take care of patients after a facelift or other plastic surgery procedures. Some patients don’t want anyone to know they are having surgery and stay at a hotel or extended stay alone. My goal is for my patients to have a restful and stress-free recovery,” says Garber.

“I am very excited to team up with Michele and to expand our post-op recovery services to the Bay Area. Michele’s vast knowledge of the medical aesthetic industry, her expertise in plastic surgery coaching and physician connections makes this a perfect fit for After, After Care,” says Mehlman.

Aftercare services include transportation and escort to consultations and post-op visits. After, After Care provides 24- hour and hourly care to patients in their home or a hotel, as well as coordinating and planning of personal services such as hair and make-up. After, After Care will also arrange medical services such as lymphatic drainage massage or oxygen pressure treatments. Services are customized based on the patient’s needs. After, After Care is not a substitute for medical care.

“It’s great to have a third party coach to help you out on all aspects of the journey. What a stress reliever! Not only did Michele provide coaching services, she also picked me up at the hospital, after my surgery in San Francisco, coordinated everything I needed and made sure that I was comfortable, following my doctors orders. She was there for me from the very first moment I considered having plastic surgery through my post-op recovery. The services that Michele provides are simply invaluable,” says Linda a recent patient from Reno.

Garber has a large database of providers from coast to coast and established relationships with Bay Area surgeons. She is the only Plastic Surgery Coach that is truly independent and not a beauty broker. Garber does not receive financial kickbacks from any medical practice or industry company.

Garber says, “I am excited to team up with Valerie in Beverly Hills and to bring her services to the Bay Area. We will both service Northern and Southern California and I will also be seeing plastic surgery coaching clients in Beverly Hills. We assure our patients complete discretion and confidentiality.”

Michele Garber has more than two decades of experience in the aesthetic medical industry and an industry leader. She is the Founder of The NipTuck Coach, (, an independent plastic surgery coaching service located in San Francisco which offers patients seeking plastic surgery, coaching, surgeon referrals, emotional support, pre and post op planning, and scheduling; surgical buddy system and information patients need to know before any cosmetic procedure. She sees clients privately as well as through Skype or phone. Services are available for men and woman throughout the United States and Canada. Garber is also the Host and Producer of The NipTuck Talk Show, ( Author of Safety First, a consumers guide to safe plastic surgery and she frequently lectures at medical meetings throughout the country on patient communications and safety. Garber is also a contributor to, Women’s Health News.

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