The Deadliest, Underfunded Cancers

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The Deadliest, Underfunded Cancers
November 19
14:33 2015

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Sabrina Perry

With the signature pink ribbons and viral “Check Your Boobies” campaigns, Breast Cancer Awareness Month does its job really well every October. Most people are pretty, well, aware of this disease. With increased awareness has come increased funding. Less welcomed, though, is the increased risk for false-positives and over diagnosis. Upon recent analysis of these facts, the American Cancer Society made big news when they loosened their guidelines for breast cancer screening.

The high level of awareness, coupled with a relatively high incidence rate, has contributed to large amounts of funding, as shown below. However, given the relatively low mortality rate, breast cancer receives a lot of money.

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  1. Catelyn M August 26, 17:26

    Cancer if it goes undetected can destroy lives. we all must take action and monitored out health!

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  2. Lawrence Maett August 29, 21:02

    Thank you for sharing

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