Strong Remedy For Weak Nails

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Strong Remedy For Weak Nails
August 22
07:44 2016

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  • Healthy nails, like healthy skin, are radiant and gorgeous bare
  • Onychoschizia (brittle, weak and splitting nails) can be a symptom of an underlying health problem
  • Ensure your skin remains adequately hydrated

Learning The Ways To Make And Keep Your Nails Strong

You are wandering through the aisles of cosmetic stores, looking for new nail polish… again. You don’t even remember the natural look of your nails, hiding them under the layers of blue, red or yellow— a desperate attempt to prevent your nails from splitting.

“Healthy nails, like healthy skin, are radiant and gorgeous bare,” said Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, women’s health, hormone and beauty expert at PearlMD Rejuvenation. “If you do wear polish, consider a ‘polish holiday’ every now and again.”

According to Dr. Pearlman, onychoschizia (brittle, weak and splitting nails) can be a symptom of an underlying health problem, such as psoriasis, vitamin B deficiency or hormonal deficiency—and in most cases thyroid problems. Your nails may also weaken due to aging, skin dehydration, infection and trauma.

The choice of treatment depends on the cause of weak nails, and may include supplements and hormonal therapies. It is also important to determine and address infections or underlying diseases.

Strong Remedy For Weak Nails

Strong Remedy For Weak Nails

With proper care, you can obtain healthy and beautiful nails with more than just manicures and vitamin supplements. Dr. Pearlman encouraged optimal nutrition rich in phytonutrients and protein, noting that nails will benefit from dark green leafy veggies (broccoli), yellow and orange vegetables (carrots and yellow peppers) and healthy fat contained in fish and chia seeds.

Additionally, staying hydrated in cold weather will protect and strengthen your nails. “Ensure your skin remains adequately hydrated. Try natural aromatic hydrating oils like sweet almond, borage or grape seed,” Dr. Pearlman said and suggested placing a humidifier in your bedroom when the forced heat is turned on.

Your nails require proper care in any season and at any age. Treat them with the right nutrition and vitamins, and don’t use them to scratch off pre-paid phone cards or open a can of pop. While acrylic and gel nails might not be the best option for you, and wearing polish all the time is definitely not a healthy choice, there is always a way to breathe new life into your exhausted nails.

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