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Scratching Your Head
June 19
14:02 2016

How To Deal With Dry Scalp And Irritated Skin

Cold weather is not only about long scarves and knitted mittens. With temperatures constantly dropping, this is just the time to take extra care of your dry and irritated skin.

While many of us don’t miss a chance to treat our faces with moisturizers, exfoliators and all range of masks, our scalps usually starve for attention.

Extremely dry or greasy scalp, flakes on hair and clothes, and red scaly patches can certainly be weather-related problems, but not solely.

According to Dr. Fred Weksberg, a cosmetic dermatologist at Weksberg Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology, a burning and itchy sensation may also be caused by excessive washing, hot showers, hair dryers and dry air.

Also, it can be triggered by contact dermatitis from shampoos and conditioners, harsh soaps and vitamin B7 biotin deficiency.

Though young babies are prone to developing dry scalp, people of all ages may be affected – especially those with atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

It’s important to find timely treatment that will best address your problem. Among the treatments that Dr. Weksberg recommends to his patients are tar and zinc pyrithione antifungal shampoos, and topical steroids, such as scalp lotions and gels.

Hidden under your hair and layers of hair products, your scalp problems are so easy to overlook. The secret of healthy scalp is available to everyone. Basic hair care, such as shampooing and conditioning, will keep your scalp healthy and give you peace of mind.

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