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June 11
19:14 2016

Does Your Skin Need Green Peel? We Put This Procedure To The Test To Help You Find Out

Time Required: around 2 hours in total. First results visible in 5 days, final – in 28 days Pain Threshold: 7/10 Rated: 8/10 Cost: $250 – $500

Exfoliation is integral for fresh and healthy skin. By buffing away your dead skin cells, your skin can look (and feel) softer and younger.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the range of over-the-counter products claiming flawless results and younger-looking skin. The choice is even harder when considering peeling procedures available at spas, salons and dermatological clinics.

Green Peel, a current peel offered in salons and spas, is a deep peel consisting of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Its official website claims it “helps women suffering from impure or damaged skin to have clear, clean skin again.”

Beata Toth, an aesthetician at Revive Med Spa in Toronto, conducted the procedure on Cheryl Lemieux. Cheryl’s main concerns are her acne scars and the signs of aging. Though Cheryl takes care of her skin, it was the first time she had a professional peel done. Her aim was fresher skin and tighter pores.

First, Beata cleaned Cheryl’s face to prepare it for the procedure. Then a solution was massaged into Cheryl’s face—a dark green herbal powder mixed and activated with herbal lotion. Cheryl immediately noticed the roughness of the product, feeling a burning sensation only four minutes later. Three more minutes passed and heat radiated off her face. Cheryl frowned, biting her lips.

“It’s burning!” she whispered. “It’s like a sandpaper scrubbing the skin of my face. It’s really burning!”

Cheryl didn’t give up, and a couple minutes later, she sighed with relief. Although the layer of this green solution is covering her face, her skin’s redness was obvious. With the peeling process activated, the remainder of the product was left on Cheryl’s face. Beata covered it with an herbal lotion compress, allowing the skin to absorb the product. After 20 minutes, Beata removed the solution. Finally, Cheryl’s face was moisturized with an anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing blemish balm. Upon completion, Cheryl received two products to use at home and was warned not to wash her face for five days.

“Can’t wait to see my boyfriend’s reaction!” Cheryl said, flashing a smile.

Even though her face looked a bit rosy, the difference was clear: her pores were tighter and her skin tone was more even.

Five days later, we met Cheryl again. Patches of skin had peeled off, making her skin look uneven. Beata said that because Cheryl takes care of her skin, her face didn’t peel a lot, and it’s necessary to wait 28 days to see the final result.

After the procedure, Cheryl’s only side effects were tingling and prickling, which didn’t affect her daily life.

“Nobody is used to seeing me without makeup, so everyone kept asking me if I was okay, if I was sick,” she said, laughing, as Beata removed the peeled skin.

After the dead skin was removed, Cheryl received a beauty finishing treatment: a hydrating, soothing, and calming mask for an additional 10 minutes. Finally, while looking at her reflection, she expressed her feelings about the results.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed. “I am very happy. The pores seem a lot tighter; my skin seems smoother. The scars—there was one bothering me a lot and it does look smoother.”

Cheryl is sure her boyfriend will notice the young look of her skin. She had this procedure done on her birthday and said Green Peel was a good present to herself. Even though it wasn’t a pleasant procedure, Cheryl said she would do it again. Beata confirmed with a smile:

“No pain – no beauty!”

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