It’s Not Over – At 60, You Are Just Getting Started!

It’s Not Over – At 60, You Are Just Getting Started!

June 24
19:44 2016

“I was unhappy about looking older,” Victoria said. “I felt like I was getting invisible, and I always enjoyed being a bit of a head-turner.”

Victoria Niculae was getting ready for her interview with Deep Body while a makeup artist was flittering over her, juggling mascara, eye shadows and a range of lipsticks. When the last stroke of powder brushed Victoria’s face, she was already making herself comfortable in front of the camera and said excitedly, “Let’s get it started!” Seeing the enthusiasm in her eyes, it was clear: she had quite a story to tell.

Victoria has two children, and like any wife and mother, she has always been devoted to her family. She feels now is the time to celebrate. The occasion? A wonderful life after 60.

“I was unhappy about looking older,” Victoria said. “I felt like I was getting invisible, and I always enjoyed being a bit of a head-turner.”

Though young and energetic at heart, Victoria noticed her outside wasn’t matching the inside anymore, and she wouldn’t accept that change. After Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Ellis performed upper blepharoplasty and Fraxel Repair treatment to her eyelids, Victoria knew her young eyes needed a brand new frame.

The skin around her jowls and neck was loose, which made her look tired and worried, and Dr. Ellis suggested a combination of surgeries: an S-lift, platysmaplasty and smart lifting. Victoria said she wasn’t forced into any decision and felt safe to have a doctor who knew how to deal with her concerns and who was there for her should any emergency occur—any time, day or night.

“The pressure is absolutely zero, it has to come from you and your inner desire to look better, no matter what age,” Victoria said.

Through research and Dr. Ellis’s support, she knew exactly what she wanted and what to expect. The surgeries went smoothly, and after some time spent in the recovery room, Victoria returned home. Experiencing a mild degree of post-operative discomfort, she felt a bit depressed and nervous. Receiving numerous distress calls from Victoria, Dr. Ellis reassured her that the pain would be gone shortly. Indeed, after two weeks, she was back to work without any discomfort.

Immediately after the surgery, Victoria noticed that due to the excessive skin removed from her face and neck, the muscle tissue felt tighter and her skin – smoother. Everyone complimented her on how refreshed and rested she was, but the positive change went far beyond her appearance.

“I felt like I was born again,” Victoria admitted. “I was back to my own self: sexy, confident, at ease!”

Victoria joked that the surgeries had even generated a development in her professional life. She works as a teacher with the Toronto District School Board, and turning 60 often means retirement is lurking just around the corner with younger teachers lining up to take your job.

“I am not ready to retire because I am not old,” she said. “I don’t feel old and I wanted my outside to match my inside. So right now, I am young, I feel younger—so I am not ready to retire!”

Victoria is sure it’s crucial to understand what you really need. Society treats plastic surgery as a controversial field, and there will always be people judging your choices. Victoria insisted you should keep in mind that you are undergoing procedures for yourself, not for your husband or friends, because it’s your life and you have a right to choose what can potentially make you happy.

“Okay, you want to judge me? Go ahead and judge me,” she said. “But as I said, I felt proud of myself that I had the guts to do it. I have nothing to hide and I think I deserve it. I raised two kids, I am working, I want a complete circle, and this is what makes me complete.”

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