Dangers Of Discount Plastic Surgery

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Dangers Of Discount Plastic Surgery
June 18
20:59 2016

The old and tired cliche that if it is too good to be true it probably is, couldn’t be more precise in this situation. While you might be budgeting or financially strained and are looking for something affordable or in your price range, these factors should not be taken into consideration. This is your body. You only have one body and one face, and taking risks or experimenting with them is simply not worth a discount deal.

Plastic surgeons who offer unbelievable discounts and bargain prices most likely are not real plastic surgeons.

“Even amongst fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeons, there can be a significant price range for a given procedure,” explained Dr. William Andrade, a Newmarket, Ontario-based plastic surgeon who practices at the Breast and Body Clinic. “This is different from having a procedure that is discounted or cheap because the person doing the operation is not qualified, their facility is not properly inspected or certified, or they are using substandard implants or other materials.”

There are real and inherent dangers in pursuing discounted plastic surgery.

“The dangers include major medical complications, such as severe infections, tissue breakdown, implant exposure or life-threatening complications,” Dr. Andrade elaborated. “Poor cosmetic outcomes, like abnormal contours, permanent major scars, or asymmetry, [the] inability of the treatment provider to manage complications should they occur, [and] inadequate postoperative care and follow-up.”

Dangers Of Discount Plastic Surgery

Dangers Of Discount Plastic Surgery

Dr. Andrade expanded on these dangers by mentioning the results of procedures conducted by unlicensed practitioners or in overseas clinics, such as exposed breast implants and women getting open wounds after having breast implants and a breast lift; chronic, painful wounds after foreign material (not approved in Canada) has been injected into the breasts or back of the hands; and the removal of defective breast implants inserted in another country that were not approved for use in Canada.

For those who are considering or want to pursue plastic surgery, they should not decide who will perform the surgery based exclusively on the price. To do so is to sacrifice quality, safety and your health.

“Untrained or unregulated practitioners seek to attract patients based on price alone rather than on quality of results and safety,” Dr. Andrade maintained. “Plastic surgery performed by true plastic and reconstructive surgeons or other properly trained surgeons is more costly for several reasons. Surgeons require a minimum of 13 years to complete their university and surgical training, and the cost of surgery reflects the high cost and length of their training. Canadian surgeons are mandated by the Royal College to continually upgrade their education by attending conferences, rounds and other committees. Properly approved surgical facilities are highly regulated and inspected, and equipped with expensive machinery and medications.”

Plastic surgeries are not commodities. They are intricate procedures, which demand unique technical ability, sound judgment and attentive postoperative care.

The first step people should take before undergoing any procedure is to identify qualified board certified plastic surgeons through the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The most crucial aspects are the experience, reputation and skills of the surgeon, and that they perform operations at a hospital or accredited facility.

When you meet with a surgeon, make sure to confirm their credentials, training and residency, and request examples of their work, specifically before-and-after photos.

In addition, you should have preoperative consultations with the actual surgeon to confirm you comprehend the risks, gains, substitutes and recovery time for your surgery. Make sure to ask if your surgeon is available after hours and if you can obtain additional care in case you experience a difficulty or emergency once cleared to go home.

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