Creepy Crawlers, Rid Spider Veins And Bare Your Legs

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Creepy Crawlers, Rid Spider Veins And Bare Your Legs
July 18
19:55 2016

Every time a woman with flawless legs appears in a TV commercial, you sigh as you glance at your legs. Those veins are causing you too much discomfort. But having spider veins doesn’t mean you should live a life in hiding. There are ways to feel confident about your legs and showcase them.

There are many factors that can increase your chances of getting veins, including family history, obesity, pregnancy, hormonal change and sitting cross-legged. The Vein Institute of Toronto indicates that spider veins are small red, purple or blue veins located just below the surface of the skin that can have a web-like appearance, and, in some cases, may give rise to symptoms of itching, burning, or throbbing of your legs.

“Spider veins are really a cosmetic issue,” said Dr. Benjamin Barankin, dermatologist at the Toronto Dermatology Centre. “If they bother you or you’re not willing to wear shorts from embarrassment, then treating your spider veins is a good idea.”

Dr. Barankin states that sclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment in this case. The procedure aims to give you visible results as early as one month after treatment. Several treatments may be required, depending on the patient.

As an alternative to sclerotherapy, laser treatment is also an option. The final effect should be visible in a few months. This kind of treatment is not used for all skin types and colours, and the results here are less predictable than with sclerotherapy.

Creepy Crawlers, Rid Spider Veins And Bare Your Legs

Creepy Crawlers, Rid Spider Veins And Bare Your Legs

Fear of pain during the procedure prevents women with spider veins from seeing a dermatologist. Dr. Barankin said when done correctly, sclerotherapy or laser treatment are safe procedures with the possibility of minor side effects, including bruising, some scabbing and mild discomfort, all of which are temporary.

“There is some discomfort with both sclerotherapy and laser treatment of leg veins, but I’ve yet to have a patient who couldn’t finish their treatments.”

Though not always possible to prevent, there are ways to minimize the risk of getting those venous webs. Regular exercise and weight control can help prevent the occurrence of veins. Avoid wearing heels for long periods of time, while having lower-heeled shoes available. Keep your legs uncrossed and elevated when possible, and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, nutritious food and avoiding smoking.

By taking care of your legs and keeping these ideas in mind, the fear of baring them will soon be history.

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