Cosmetic Medical Procedures Sold Cheap

Cosmetic Medical Procedures Sold Cheap

Cosmetic Medical Procedures Sold Cheap
April 12
19:19 2018

When you come across one of these deals, first ask yourself why would a clinic want to advertise here?

It is obvious that online deals may have their perks. With just a click of a mouse you are on your way to purchasing a seafood dinner at half off, an Indian buffet lunch at a fraction of the standard cost or two ice cream sundaes for the price of one. But how about ordering a breast augmentation for breakfast, a liposuction for lunch, and a side of botulinum toxin (BTX) for dessert? All factors considered, it is better to hold off on those buys.

Plastic surgeries are not one-size-fits all. In this new age of the deal-of-the day website though, it seems that almost anything can go on sale—but at what cost? When it comes to plastic surgeries, should we be skeptical of doctors who advertise on these deal-of-the day websites? As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

There are certain procedures that are just not meant for some people, and surgeons are supposed to screen candidates to make sure that an operation is suitable before treating them. Even though these sites state that procedures will only be conducted after a formal screening is performed, this crucial step is likely often overlooked, as the customer has already purchased the service and has been promised the surgery well before the surgeon could even take one look at the patient. When you come across one of these deals, first ask yourself why would a clinic want to advertise here? On the surface, it may seem like a great way for them to promote their services—they might get many customers through the door in a short period of time and make some money upfront. But think about it this way:

  • Why would a clinic even need to advertise on a deal-of-the-day website?
  • Do they not have enough clients on their own?
  • Why do they choose to make money this way, rather than simply through word-of-mouth or referral?


“If there was a discounted breast augmentation being sold on a discount site, I suspect most buyers would think they found a great deal,” said Dr. Martin Jugenburg, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Humber River Regional Hospital and the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. “But let’s be honest. Who believes that anyone out there will give away anything for free? I think most people, when they think about it, realize that a $2000 breast augmentation cannot possibly be the same as a $10,000 breast augmentation. Bottom line, when you get a discount, corners are being cut somewhere. The clinic will not give up their profits. They cut their costs.”

Cosmetic Medical Procedures Sold Cheap

Cosmetic Medical Procedures Sold Cheap

What if all of these businesses were to place advertisements on deal-of-the-day websites? In order to stay competitive in the market, they would need to find more ways to save money on their services. A service provider might cut their costs by using cheaper products from overseas to do the job, for instance. These products could be sub-standard and may not be approved by Health Canada, and could potentially put your health in danger.

Additionally, the savings on these offers are not as superb as they may seem. If you buy a deal-of-the-day and don’t redeem the service, you lose your purchase. Also, the value of money fluctuates constantly, so when you pay for a $2000 service today, it may actually be worth far less when you redeem the deal weeks from now.

It is important to remember that these are serious procedures that carry possible health risks. A botched liposuction, for example, can result in potentially life-threatening complications, such as bleeding, infection or an allergic reaction to anesthesia. Even if the practitioner on a deal-of-the-day site is said to be board-certified, do your own research to make sure that they in fact are, and check that they don’t have any suspensions or disciplinary actions against them.

It would be wise to keep one eyebrow raised if you ever do happen to come across a plastic surgery deal on one of these sites. Most reputable doctors aren’t likely to turn to deals-of-the day to advertise their services, as their excellent reputation, skilled work and referrals speak for themselves.

“Clinics that advertise deals are cutting their costs in an attempt to make a profit and not go bankrupt providing these deals,” Dr. Jugenburg noted. “First thing to go is service. Next is the quality of the work. Last (hopefully last) is safety. I would hope that clinics involved in these deals have the ethics not to jeopardize patient safety in an effort to cut their costs. But in a competitive market, many businesses try to out-do each other’s deals and keep lowering their costs, balancing on the line between safe and unsafe.”

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