Book Review: In Your Face

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Book Review: In Your Face
August 29
13:21 2016

In Your Face
By Dr. Bryan Mendelson

For centuries, our facial expressions, which provide people with their first impressions, have been interpreted and communicated with society. When incidents and accidents throughout our lives have left us unrecognizable, the opportunity for facial reconstruction has broadened the opportunity for change.

With In Your Face, Dr. Bryan Mendelson outlines the history of facial plastic surgery from its very conception—as far back as sixth-century BC India, explaining how this phenomenon has grown universally, the medical advances that have been discovered over thousands of years, and how the advances in facial plastic surgery allow us to live free of discrimination.

Facial reconstruction—though it has and continues to exist for several evolving reasons—is not new, and by reflecting on his own livelihood as well as those of his peers, Dr. Mendelson surely makes his case for why we should understand the importance of facial communication.

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