Arthroplasty Of The Toes

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Arthroplasty Of The Toes
June 11
19:50 2016

In Pursuit Of The Perfect Toe

Fashion sometimes dictates the styles we wear. The latest designs in shoe fashion by designers, such as Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo, have seen more women exposing their toes in peep-toe style footwear. For a woman with a toe longer than her other toes, wearing stylish shoes are not an option. A destination wedding or something as simple as getting a pedicure can cause great embarrassment or anxiety.

But rather than continue with this distress, women are seeking out Psts for solutions to their elongated toe. For some, having symmetrical toes is just as important as maintaining a healthy smile or weight, which reflects their appearance.

For other women, the matter could be related to years of wearing ill-fitting shoes, such as pointed toe shoes or high heels. If the shoe does not fit properly, or the shape of the heel forces the foot into unnatural shapes, it can cause pain in the toes. In some cases, this can lead to developing hammertoes, a condition in which the affected toe curls under, leaving the top to rub against the shoe. In this situation, surgery would be an option to straighten the toe. A podiatrist, a doctor who specializes in treating the foot, can perform an arthroplasty on the affected toe. Here, the surface of a joint is either remodeled or removed completely. The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on if any other additional procedures are required at the same time.

According to Dr. Richard Bochinski, an Edmonton podiatrist, the most common conditions for this procedure are due to arthritis, contracture (movement) of the joint causing pain or to relieve skin lesions (corns and calluses) resulting from pressure in footwear.

Arthroplasty Of The Toes

Arthroplasty Of The Toes

Recovery for toe arthroplasty depends on what type of shoes the patient is expecting to wear afterwards.

“Typically, the skin incision will be healed in 10 to 14 days,” Dr. Bochinski said. “Swelling of the toes, particularly in smokers, is usually what stops someone from being able to wear shoes for some time after surgery.” Swelling can range from four to six weeks in healthy patients and sometimes, two to three months in smokers who have additional medical problems.

After the operation, the wound should be kept clean. To control swelling, the foot is best kept elevated and a bag of ice applied every few hours. It is also important to get enough rest during the recovery period.

“Usually some type of compressive bandage is applied, which needs to be changed as instructed by the surgeon,” Dr. Bochinski explained. “Skin sutures, when present, will come out roughly between 10-14 days from surgery.”

It is important to note that the patient should wear supportive surgical shoes for two to three weeks before they can resort back to wearing their usual footwear.

Dr. Bochinski pointed out that the risks of this procedure are essentially the same as with any type of surgery. “Certain risks posed could be infection, pain, swelling, nerve damage, circulatory damage and weakness of the toe. If the patient is a smoker, this significantly increases the risk of surgery, particularly in the smaller toes.”

Footwear is an important choice for maintaining healthy feet and is relative to having pain-free toes. For women with a busy career and social life who want to maintain a fashionable image, wearing flats at an important meeting with a prospective client or donning an elegant dress at a special occasion in flats is simply not an option. So what are the healthy lifestyle choices for women who want to maintain their appearance but not suffer in pain? Robert Chelin, DPM, a Toronto podiatrist, doesn’t discourage his patients from wearing high heels, rather he advises women to vary the height of the heel.

“To women who do not want to give up wearing their Prada high heels, I simply tell them to wear heels for a few hours and to substitute wearing a flat shoe over the course of the day.” Not all shoes are created the same, nor are all feet. “Don’t ignore the reality that your feet are,” said Dr. Bochinski. “If you have hammertoes or any bony deformity in your feet, look for shoes that will have a slightly larger and roomier toe box.”

Whether you are in pursuit of the perfect toe for cosmetic reasons or seeking out a procedure to cure a medical ailment in your toe, there are treatments available. A licensed podiatrist will be the best specialist to assist you with this decision and help you achieve your needs. The options are there for you, but one should always consider the risks and benefits in any surgical procedure.

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